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About Us

Family owned and operated, we have come to recognize the importance of quality service and affordable rates. As a result, we strive to keep our reputation for being able to provide both.

We are fully licensed, insured and bonded to handle most large scale projects and carry a full range of equipment to provide a cost efficient solution to even the smallest job. In addition to proficient means of refuse removal, we also provide a full-service property maintenance program which includes such services as snow removal/plowing, street/yard/parking lot sweeping, paper/document destruction and office cleaning.commercial garbage truck

With access to state of the art recycling facilities and equipment, we are able to provide an environmentally sound alternative for the recycling and re-use of many of the materials found in today’s economic market. Our full service recycling program provides us with the tools required to take steps towards conserving the environment, reducing energy consumption and helping in the fight against global warming. Bales of cardboard, newspaper, high-grade office paper and even plastics are just a small sample of the materials we are capable of recycling.

Regency Recycling Corp, is one of the first New York City based companies to successfully implement a ‘Plastic Bag Recycling Program‘ – which has actually become law in New York State. With constant innovations and our ability to produce and utilize ‘forward thinking’ solutions to many problems, we are always working to maintain the status we have achieved in this field.


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