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Trash Talk

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A discussion of all things trash in NYC.

On behalf of Regency Recycling, welcome to Trash Talk!  This is our blog; it contains advice, testimonials, news and project ideas.  Our goal is to help you understand the flow of waste and recycling in your neighborhood, pass along exciting industry innovations and foster sustainable, environmentally friendly insights that will improve your quality of life.  The articles contain useful information pertaining to city and state wide announcements to tips on junk removal and home renovation.  We are always updating with fresh content to keep you informed and pave the way to a greener future.  

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  • How Construction Businesses Can Benefit From Dumpster Rental Services (4/29/2020) - People who’re in the construction industry know just how much stuff they’ve to discard from the jobsite. Whether they’re doing carpentry, replacing shingles, or taking care of a demolition, they will end up with a huge volume of scrap that should be discarded immediately. If you’ve a whole roof of old shingles, bagging them all […]
  • North Carolina Dumpster Rental Locations (9/30/2019) - Dumpster Rentals in Charlotte, NC Roll Off Dumpsters at Staggering Low Prices Regency is here for all of your dumpster needs such as cleanups, clean-outs, and any other project that comes with a trash problem. It’s hard enough to bring yourself to the notion that you need a dumpster, though the looking and price-comparing can […]
  • Things to Remember When You Makeover Your Backyard (6/2/2019) - If your backyard boring, with nothing but a bunch of overgrown weeds and an old shed that you’re afraid to enter? It’s not as uncommon as you’d think to see that. That is the reason that a lot of people are doing backyard makeovers, and making their backyard into a retreat that allows them to […]
  • Five Reasons You May Need Dumpster Rental (6/2/2019) - There are several short-term events that require ordinary homeowners to request dumpster rental. Here are the top five reasons you might reserve an enormous metal receptacle for your yard. 1. Home Construction Whether you’re putting in a new kitchen, master bathroom, or deck, there’s bound to be a lot of extra garbage that accumulates from […]
  • 3 Must Follow Rules for Renovating Any Home (6/2/2019) - Remodeling your home is a great way to add value and improve its livability at the same time. The National Association of Home Builders’ Remodeling Market Index shows that since the end of 2013 renovation activity has been high. This indicates that more people are taking on major projects, minor projects and general maintenance for their homes. […]
  • Rent a Dumpster Locally (6/2/2019) - Why should I rent a dumpster directly from a locally operated Queens dumpster service rather than an out-of-state Dumpster Broker? Support the Local Waste Hauler by calling 718-525-7100 Renting a roll off dumpster from a Queens Ny trash hauler should be simple, even if it’s your first time. Below are a few commonly asked questions and […]
  • NYC proposal would call for mandatory PS recycling (6/2/2019) - By GAYLE S. PUTRICH Sustainability Public Policy Recycling A New York City politician is developing laws (and law making) for a required polystyrene recycling program after the courts’ take down of a proposed foam ban earlier this month. So far the bill is only in “skeleton form,” according to the staff of Politician Fernando Cabrera […]
  • Pipe Dream or Future of NYC Trash Removal? (5/31/2019) - The City of New York sifts through 11,000 tons of trash per day along with 2,000 tons of recyclables. That’s a remarkable amount garbage, but even more amazing is managing to find ways to efficiently deal with all this waste. Could a pneumatic pipe collection system work? The (air-related/air-operated) piping system idea works something like this: Trash is literally sucked through a complicated web of underground pipes like a vacuum. These pipes would run from city streets and buildings (the drop off points) to area waste facilities. The technology itself is nothing new, and the city already has quite a large underground (basic equipment needed for a business or society to […]
  • Dumpster Rental – What You Should Know! (5/31/2019) - Dumpster Rental Services Low cost dumpster rental in Far Rockaway NY and Dumpster Rental Breezy Point NY offers very competitive Dumpster Rental Rates for 10 to 40 cubic yard Dumpsters. Dumpster Rental Cambria Heights NY and Dumpster Rental Valley Stream NY for a day or week are ideal for residential, small companies, general contractors, houses, […]
  • Reduce Waste Today (5/31/2019) - Reduce Waste Today With Regency Recycling Corp NU recycles more than 1,800 tons of the 5,300 tons of waste generated annually, representing a 34 percent diversion rate. While this is a great start, let’s get our recycling numbers up and waste figure down! Eliminating the amount of waste you put in the landfill lowers greenhouse gas emissions […]

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