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On behalf of Regency Recycling, welcome to Trash Talk!  This is our blog; it contains advice, testimonials, news and project ideas.  Our goal is to help you understand the flow of waste and recycling in your neighborhood, pass along exciting industry innovations and foster sustainable, environmentally friendly insights that will improve your quality of life.  The articles contain useful information pertaining to city and state wide announcements to tips on junk removal and home renovation.  We are always updating with fresh content to keep you informed and pave the way to a greener future.  

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  • Items That You Should Steer Clear Of Throwing Into A Dumpster (10/14/2020) - If you are planning to renovate your house or cleaning a cluttered storage area, then you are possibly looking for an affordable dumpster rental in Charlotte NC. Though you can throw all types of things into a dumpster, there’re a few limits and you must be aware of that before hiring a container. Listed below […]
  • Get Your House Summer Ready with a Dumpster Rental (9/30/2020) - When spring approaches, it is time to start cleaning & getting ready for the summer. If you are planning to downsize or just wish to declutter, a dumpster rental in Lynbrook NY may be ideal for your project.
  • How to Go About Post-Construction Cleanup Process (9/14/2020) - Any construction project, regardless of their size, will leave behind so much trash and junks. To deal with the trash quickly & efficiently, you must think about dumpster rental in Charlotte NC. With a roll-off container at your home or building site, all the post-building trash can be disposed of in the most effective possible way. […]
  • Why Choose A Dumpster Rental Over A Junk Removal Service (8/31/2020) - Tackling a home renovation or house cleaning project is no walk in the park. Your 2 best choices to manage all the junks that’ll pile of once the project is done are either considering a dumpster rental in Rock Hills SC or appoint a junk removal firm. Both these options have their advantages and disadvantages, […]
  • Junk Removal & Dumpster Rental – What’s the Difference (8/23/2020) - Junk removal, also labeled as bulk trash pickup, is generally recommended for temporary projects whereas dumpster rental in Waxhaw NC works better for long-term projects. In the event of junk removal, you can appoint a crew that manages large stuff like furniture, refrigerators and construction trash. A lot of homeowners have attics and garages packed […]
  • How to Safely Rent a Dumpster during Covid-19 (7/27/2020) - Waste hauling firms mostly stay open for business across the United States, as junk, the collection is regarded as a necessary service. A dumpster hire is usually permitted, though you must talk to your local waste haulier to make sure they’re continuing to hire containers during this difficult time.
  • The Benefits Of Renting A Construction Dumpster For Debris Removal (7/4/2020) - As a contractor you want to work smarter instead of harder. And a construction dumpster rental for job site trash removal can help you with that. A dumpster rental in Brooklyn NY is an excellent alternative to either hauling your construction debris yourself, or hire a service provider to come out every so often with […]
  • How To Determine The Best Dumpster Size For Your Small Demolition Project (6/6/2020) - A demolition project is never finished if the site isn’t appropriately cleaned & the junk handled correctly. In many circumstances, homeowners get baffled about selecting the correct-sized dumpster that suits their budget and also takes care of the clutter.
  • How Construction Businesses Can Benefit From Dumpster Rental Services (4/29/2020) - People who’re in the construction industry know just how much stuff they’ve to discard from the jobsite. Whether they’re doing carpentry, replacing shingles, or taking care of a demolition, they will end up with a huge volume of scrap that should be discarded immediately. If you’ve a whole roof of old shingles, bagging them all […]
  • North Carolina Dumpster Rental Locations (9/30/2019) - Dumpster Rentals in Charlotte, NC Roll Off Dumpsters at Staggering Low Prices Regency is here for all of your dumpster needs such as cleanups, clean-outs, and any other project that comes with a trash problem. It’s hard enough to bring yourself to the notion that you need a dumpster, though the looking and price-comparing can […]

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