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A discussion of all things trash in NYC.

On behalf of Regency Recycling, welcome to Trash Talk!  This is our blog; it contains advice, testimonials, news and project ideas.  Our goal is to help you understand the flow of waste and recycling in your neighborhood, pass along exciting industry innovations and foster sustainable, environmentally friendly insights that will improve your quality of life.  The articles contain useful information pertaining to city and state wide announcements to tips on junk removal and home renovation.  We are always updating with fresh content to keep you informed and pave the way to a greener future.  

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  • Why Use a Dumpster at Your Commercial Site (8/5/2022) - When on construction or commercial site, there are minor details that you need to look into in order to get everything done safely and efficiently. However, the most important aspect of them all is to get a dumpster rental in Long Beach NY. When you’re working in a commercial area, all of your efforts can […]
  • Get Peace of Mind and Affordability with Temporary Fence Rental (7/15/2022) - Are you concerned about the safety of your commercial and residential properties? If so, you are not alone. Property crime was estimated at $16.4 billion in 2018 with 7 million property crimes occurring across the US, including larceny and burglary motor vehicle theft, and vandalism. Property crime has decreased in recent years, but it still […]
  • What Are the Benefits of Having Portable Toiletsat Construction Sites? (6/25/2022) - Portable toilets are great for construction sites because they keep workers, clients, and the environment safe and healthy. If you’re planning to remodel an office space or build a new home or extension on your commercial property, portable bathrooms will come in handy. Here we’ll tell you exactly how portable toilet rentals benefit at a […]
  • Tips & Tricks to Clean and Organize the House of A Hoarder (4/19/2022) - Cleaning and sorting the house or property of a hoarder can feel like an intimidating job. When there is a big amount of trash and clutter, clearing out everything can feel impractical. However, there are a few tips and tricks that can make your job a whole lot easier.
  • How to Tear Down Your Fence Safely and Conveniently (4/5/2022) - Whether you are planning to replace your old fencing, or just tear out your fencing for good, it is not going to be a walk in the park – particularly if you’ve no idea what you are doing. Irrespective of the scenario you want to tear down your fence, Regency Recycling Corp can help through […]
  • How to Save On Your Dumpster Rental in Huntersville NC (1/5/2022) - Construction &demolition projects produce a lot of waste, so it is recommended to go for a dumpster rental in Huntersville NC to dispose of large amounts of building or demolition waste safely and conveniently. However, renting a dumpster is no affordable affair. At Regency Recycling Corp, we comprehend that you want to save on your […]
  • Top Five Projects That A Thirty Yard Or Forty Yard Dumpster Can Help With (11/24/2021) - What dumpster size you need for your project is dependent on a few factors. The size of the project, the weight of the materials you need to discard, and also the cost. The size of dumpsters is determined by cubic yards, ranging from ten to forty yards containers. The largest, a forty yards container can […]
  • How to Make Your Home Renovation Dumpster Rental Easy (11/7/2021) - When demolishing or renovating out rooms prior to remodelling, you’ll produce a massive amount of trash. In the majority of the communities sending construction materials such as metal, lumber, glass and gypsum with your weekly waste service isn’t permitted.
  • What Are the Top Consideration When Renting A Dumpster (9/6/2021) - Dumpster rental can be of big help for both residential and commercial projects. From the manufacturing industry to commercial demolitions, home remodelling projects, and industrial plants, the expediency of a roll of dumpster rental in Queens NY can be central. However, when it comes to renting a dumpster, there’re many things you need to be […]
  • 3 Reasons You May Have To Rent A Roll-Off (8/16/2021) - Whether you’re working on a home redo, clean-up, or revamping commercial buildings, you need the helping hand of a trash removal firm. More than 4 pounds of waste are created by the average person daily, amounting to nearly 1.5 tons of solid trash a year. Stacking your extra project or restoration on top of this […]

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